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See the situation of your mobile phone handset

Dear user,

Incase of theft, robbery or loss of mobile phone handset in Brazil, you can order the device lock to your company to prevent its use in national telecom network, improperly, by any other user. Therefore, in case of such events, you should contact the call center of your company and, holding the serial number of your device, known as IMEI*, order the block of your mobile phone handset.

This site allow any citizen to have access to information about a mobile phone handset, checking if it's prevented from use due to block by theft, robbery or loss.

In case the mobile phone handset is recovered, it´s posible to order the unblock to the same company that held the lock. In this procedure the requestor should prove the ownership of the mobile phone handset.

*IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the identification number of your mobile phone handset. This number is visible on the purchase receipt of the device, in the label attached to the device, that is sighted to withdraw from the battery, or, for certain cell phones on the phone screen, typing, from the keyboard of this equipment, the code *#06#.


  • The service provided by this website only informs the state of the mobile phone that was entered by the user to the mobile operator as stolen, lost or misplaced.
  • The impediment information will be available for consultation within 72 hours from the lock request or unlock the mobile device that you make your service provider. The feedback from the consultations shows the result of time (the date and time are shown), and there may be locking or unlocking conditions at any time.
  • This service is limited to queries from Brazil, that is, serves only to users who are using IPs (Internet Protocol) from Brazil.
  • This service has limits access to the site and queries to the IMEI.
  • This service makes use of a list of IPs (Internet Protocol) trusted to free access and query, and generates a list of IPs (Internet Protocol) unreliable to be blocked for consultation.
  • This service has only registration operated devices in the Personal Mobile Service (PMS) and bound the sound technology.
  • Pursuant to Art. 8, section VII, paragraph .a. Resolution No. 477 of 07.08.2007 of Anatel (National Telecommunications Agency), is the duty of the user PMS (Personal Mobile Service) inform the operator of mobile telephony, the robbery, theft or cell phones of loss.
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